valwen's grotto map
1553 th Day, What an extraordinary encounter! I was picking up some mushrooms in the undergrowth when I saw this divine creature. Her pretty brown […]

Valwen’s Grott

Modular dungeon level 29 map
This additional level for the modular dungeon was born following a discussion on Google+. I began by sketching a large room bordered by a series […]

Level for the Modular Dungeon-9

Primula temple, rpg map,floor plan , kosmic dungeon
I met a small group of interesting frogmen few days ago,. They live in an isolated temple in the midst of a marshy steppe. They […]

The temple of Slag

toll of Slakus map
Humans are the most stupid! The pass of Cold-Sickle is on our migration trajectory for four millennia, and now these hideous giants have had the […]

The toll of Slakus

Ethris five room dungeon rpg map dungeon
The brothel of the Black Rose offers special services. It houses actually the Stramonuim’s lineage. Succubi, who, since time immemorial, perform sacrifices and demonic rituals […]

The dungeon of the Black Rose

Ywood's-caverns, rpg map, dungeon
At the time of the Great War against the Shadows, king Kanagan’s army had dug an outpost in the caves of Ywood. At the end […]

The caves of Ywood

Dungeon of the Jade amulet map 4
Day 16’s theme of the #Mapvember Challenge is : #Trapped As a lot of boy, I was a fan of Indiana Jones and I’m always […]

The dungeon of the Jade amulet

avant poste d'Ilburg, rpg map, floor plan 2
Ilburg’s outpost is the map I made for the winner (David) of the contest on the facebook page. I exceeded a bit the original size […]

The Ilburg outpost

Modular dungeon level 27 map
This old damaged underground structure was recently discovered by a goblin group. The vermins have already begun to loot the places and piled up their […]

Level for the Modular Dungeon-8

Here is the maps of #mapvember challenge Day 10 and Day 11 : #Elevator, #Goldmine The dwarves engineers were highly effective in the small mine […]

Kurgaz’s gold mine

Sorogour-mountain rpg map dungeon
A formidable group of bandits have plagued the Grey Neck Road in the Sorogour Mountains for several months. The thieves have taken up residence in […]

The moutain of Sorogour