The stone of thanks

The stone of thanks where are engraved all the names of the valorous NPCs, Adventurers and Heroes who support me on Patreon. It’s thanks to them that I can devote myself to this passion and produce quality maps.
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Thank you all !

Heroes :
Quentin Forestier, Lætitia , Yukiko San, JJule101, Florence, Mister Ti, Eskatonic Monk, Thierry Fauconnet, Lars Gottlieb,

Adventurers :
Isangeles, In Search of Games, Douglas Zielsdorf, André alias DD, Ewan Barnes, Eric, Sébastien Haller, Thierry Doisneau,

NPCs :
Ka, Christophe ELBJ, Scriiipt, Ythollon, David, Théodore, Dominic Wenger, Wylie Stilwell,