Space Invaders Dungeon

This trip to the Silver Deer Forest was exhausting, but as the King’s first councilor I had no choice. I had to move to check by myself. The forest had undergone strange changes, and the phenomenon seemed to intensify as I approached to the clearing. The trees were viscous, a mysterious violet climbing plant seemed to draw the vital force of the trees to grow, and the flowers rotted. The trees, presumably lying by a breath of extreme violence, formed a little clearing, and an enormous turquoise-blue rock was planted there in the middle of a crater. After taking a closer look to this rock, I saw a staircase which sinks into the deep of the earth. I discovered a strange dungeon inhabited by unknown creatures. They are small multicolored spherical beings. They swing at an incredible pace and are ethereal. Their imposing dentitions leave no sign of good. I have to inform the King as soon as possible.

Exctract from “Libertas Natura” by Dielfin Malorras, King’s first councilor

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