Dungeon of the Brotherhood of Chaos Children

My dear friend, our common project is going smoothly. The ritual that my wizards have recently developed offers spectacular results. The transformations obtained on the two wild bears exceed all our expectations. The mutations provided the first bear with sharp dorsal spines, and viscous tentacles with mouths full of sharp teeth. The second, as for him, has been provided with plates of carapace as hard as steel and exaggerated superior limbs. When the time came, I could have these abominations loaded on the boats, and the river would lead them directly into the city of Eodral. This, I am sure, will create an unnamed panic. Thus, you can easily position yourself as a savior, thanks to your natural gifts of warrior and your amulet of invulnerability, to remove the impotent governor. We will talk about my reward once you have accessed your new position.
Kind regards,

Secret missive of the Brotherhood of Chaos Children


A big thank to all my awesome patrons who allow me to publish this map for free under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 4.0 … If you also want to support my work, join the community on Patreon and enjoy an early access as little as 1€ … (1 month before publication on the website, perfect for Dm !!)

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