The tomb of the Gray Techno-Prophet

The tomb of the Gray Techno-Prophet

I searched the ruins of the great city of Disentropia for two days. I was desperately searching for one of the entrances to the underground passage leading to the secret tomb. I couldn’t fail so close to the goal, not after more than two years of research and so many sacrifices. It was by clearing the rubble of an intriguing area that I finally managed to discover an access well. Immediately I slipped through this narrow opening, and found myself in a large room facing a statue. I realized at once that my determination had finally paid off, and I was contemplating the Gray techno-prophet. I had to make my way through a maze infested by all kinds of vermin in order to access to the natural cave. I used explosives to destroy the huge granite block protecting the entrance of the tomb, and I walked, with more enthusiasm than ever, the last few meters of gallery which separated me from my objective. The key of the techno-mages temple was in the coffin, as my research had indicated. Thanks to the new magical knowledge that I will be able to acquire in this temple, I will finally be able to avenge myself of my half-brother. This scoundrel who has ousted me from the throne and banished me from the kingdom of the black elves.

Excerpt from “The exile” by Jennair Quel’Karr, “The Fallen Prince”.

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