Chamelon tower map
Odric Misink, dubbed The Clumsy, isn’t a very talented mage, specialized in magic objects. Most of the time, these creations prove to be unnecessary. He […]

The Chameleon tower

Jageldoran path
1st moon of Grum, 428 PK I hate winter, it’s cold and all that snow…. Grrr ! Anyway it was faster by the caves under […]

The passage of Jageldoran

heavy damaged castle, floor plan , rpg map, jdr
After several hours of travel in these devastated plains, you finally see the baron’s castle, the building has visibly undergone serious damage. You search survivors […]

Kiwigur castle – damaged

the house of Adenor map
Adenor’s house, an archivist hobbit, is in the small hamlet of Jodal in a verdant valley. The building is a typical construction of the hobbits, […]

The house of Adenor

Continuing my way towards the North, I was very disappointed by the reception received in the last village visited. I was surprised to see my […]

The shrine of the Toad

Valek Umgak Workshop map
3rd moon of Braz, 428 PK I immediately recognized the dwarf architecture by approaching the old shed. What astonishment I had when I saw a […]

Valek Umgak’s workshop

Three young prodigies of magic, exasperated by the restrictions of the Magic Academy decided to establish the Order of Prismatic Trinity in order to practice […]

The temple of Prismatic Trinity

Luna Rossa's lair map
The pirate king had built this courtroom to reign at best, resolving conflicts before they escalate. Located under his fort on a small isolated island, […]

The hideout of Luna Rossa

Post Apocalypse Bunker, rpg map, kosmic dungeon 1
I can’t support anymore being locked there! Compelled to listen to the ancients to reiterate how my ancestors survived the great cataclysm thanks to the […]

The vault

cavern and underground river, rpg, map, jdr, floor plan, dungeon
In order to quietly practice their forbidden worship, fanatics built a temple next to the silver cavern. Its name comes from the color of the […]

temple and underground river