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The Cullinan is a barge moored in the Arsenal port in Paris. The former renovated coal cargo is home to Connor, a bar pianist, museum […]

Cullinan house boat

auberge-aidedd-1373 map
Inn floor plan realized for, the goal is to show the evolution and enlargement of a Tavern over the time in a great City […]

AideDD’s Inn

In the Grey Mountains, is the dwarf outpost Duanor. Dug into the side of Mount Katkrof, it was designed to protect the Spire’s mine located […]

The outpost of Duanor

the labyrinth of Eolune map
Day 18’s theme of the #Mapvember Challenge is : #Labyrinth The #Engine theme of the day 19 is rather complicated  to transcrib in fantastic Medieval […]

The Labyrinth of Eolune

Kayak-Cavern rpg map dungeon 1
Last days, When I saw this woman for the first time, I knew she represented everything I would never be. She was richly clad, her […]

The grotto of Lies

airain castle floor 1
Thank you all for your votes, here is the Fan Map March 2016. The castle of Airain, bastion perched on the edge of a cliff […]

The castle of Airain

trenches-war rpg map
Eugène Dubois from the 23 regiment, Douamont, March 1916 For three days we occupy the trenches, the last messages from the communication trench announce an […]

Trenches War

bloodstorm city map
Hello everyone, Here is the latest map commissioned by BrutalRPG, an indie Medieval Fantasy RPG. A huge Thanks to David for this collaboration, and to […]

Bloodstorm City

Mega dungeon map
Today I don’t propose you a new drawing but a Mega Dungeon that I had fun creating with the levels of the Modular Dungeon. I […]

Mega Dungeon

toll of Slakus map
Humans are the most stupid! The pass of Cold-Sickle is on our migration trajectory for four millennia, and now these hideous giants have had the […]

The toll of Slakus

superman floor plan, rpg, map, jdr
“I woke up in a nice room, with soothing decoration, in warm tones. A young woman was watching over me, sitting in a corner. She […]

The House of Loneliness

Rogue Birds Guilde warehouse map
N°79 It’s rather surprising ! All the living beings, courageous enough to don’t be frightened, whom I had the opportunity to meet were more intrigued […]

Rogue Birds Guild’s warehouse