The vault 1

The vault

I can’t stand being locked up any more! Forced to listen to the ancients reiterate how my ancestors survived the great cataclysm thanks to the vault. Four hundred and twenty-nine years ago, the outside air was contaminated as a result of a large-scale nuclear accident. Our small community took refuge in this bunker dug into the hill. Many generations lived peacefully within the vault, but some fifty years ago the situation became worse. As the quality of the outside air began to improve, all our sensors suddenly ceased to function. Since that incident, we have been totally cut off from the world. Our leaders have an irrational fear that the vault is contaminated, and have forbidden any exit, preferring to wait for a sign from the outside. Our resources are starting to run out, the population is dying, and the atmosphere becomes glaucous. I got positioned myself in vault staffing service, and managed to get posted at the secondary gate. Tonight I try my luck outside.

Excerpt from “No Man’s Land” by Jay Miller.


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