Level 5Room for the Modular Dungeon

Hello all, the modular dungeon project starts well grow. Here is another level, I imagined two mechanisms to unlock the doors with a cross (or disable traps). Here is my example, but I’m sure you’ll use ingenuity to trap your PCs …
– The first door can be opened by pushing in the right order a particular “detail” (a symbol, an object, etc.) on each etching (1.2, 3.4). Warning several “details” can be driven, they must find the right … A clue is cleverly hidden on the sets of 4 columns, it also gives the order for the combination …
– The second door leading to the exit is locked by a mechanism connected to the two statues. A precious stone missing on each statue (eye, Jewelry, etc.). Your PCs can find the first in the bazaar, obviously saved from collapse, stored in the bottom of the library. The room collapsed hints that other rooms may be hidden!
Feel free to leave a comment with your description of the mechanisms.

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