Taikangian’s Bazaar

Taikangian’s bazaar

“I have finally collected enough money to go to the Taikangian bazaar. It’s here that one can find the rarest, strangest, and most dangerous relics of the continent. It is located in the Old Town district of the capital. It’s immediately noticeable because it’s the only building that has an upper floor in this part of the city. A very small floor, which houses guards room that one ought to avoid. It’s said that when someone goes upstairs, they never come back down on their legs. The ground floor is kind of an open-air market with a currency exchange office under the floor. Anything can be found in this bazaar! It’s fun if one is looking for the thrill, and the merchants are Sunday archaeologists. Nothing very interesting for me. It’s by taking the spiral staircase at the back of the exchange office that things truly exceptional begin. The entrance fee is very high: either an incredible relic, or a well stocked gold purse. In the basement, small, dark and disturbing rooms shelter merchants sometimes on the brink of madness caused by the old objects they offer. I’m eager being there to buy this famous sword recently found in the Great King’s tomb.”

Memories of Liraëlle, “Historian of the City”.
Written by Rodrigo Arramon : L’Effilocheur de Brumes

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