Stocky Goat tavern


Stocky Goat tavern

Upon returning from a delicate diplomatic mission, I, Prince Haram of Ferdanie, and my knights stopped at a little country inn. Dressed like simple commoners, wrapped in capes and muddy shoes, no one recognized us. While we were warming around cups of mead, I noticed a girl relentlessly serving and waiting tables. Although this delicate flower had fewer winters than me, she seemed already faded by toil. Her gestures, however lively and graceful, were executed without passion. She performed her duty with rigor and resignation. I found her incredibly beautiful despite the veil of sadness that seemed never to leave her gaze. I learned that she was the innkeeper’s daughter. As I watched her, fascinated by her beauty, I suddenly wanted to know everything about her. Never had a princess aroused such trouble in me. So I returned to the inn the following week, then the next one and the next one, without ever daring to approach. I dreamed of snatching her from this insipid life to make her a queen. One evening I saw her converse with a woman from the boreal countries. Despite her rich attire, this one did not equal the charm of my beautiful servant. One day, I was eager to offer her a jewel worthy of her beauty. I promised to declare myself the next day. But in the morning she had mysteriously disappeared. I never saw her again. For months her memory haunted me, misled my reason, and deprived me of sleep. People said that a tentacular monster terrorizes the area. I decided to lead an expedition to defeat this foul creature. The thrill of adventure will perhaps restore me to life.

Written by Sirpë Ráma


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