Fortified gates

I received a highly disturbing letter this morning. Two days ago, the last great city on the south coast was undergoing a violent attack of dinosaurs. The fortifications and courage of the soldiers made it possible to repel the assault. Unfortunately, the horde took the direction of our beautiful city and quickly progresses in the backland. As if the alarming report of our scouts, confirming the presence of moving mastodons in the area, wasn’t enough! I am afraid that all these signs of ill-omen will bring nothing good for the days to come. I ordered that the guard be doubled and that all men should be in their posts. The security of the city of Leoxam rests entirely on my shoulders, I have no right to make mistakes. The fastest wild beasts will be there in a short time. I ordered to close and to barricade all the access doors of the city. From now on, my place is next to my men, in the tower of fortification of the south gates, in order to boost them during this agonizing wait.

Extract from the Diary “A life of discipline” de Degatton Bowly,  commander of the Leoxam garrison
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