The tower of Kerlaft


Following the reception of a coded message, Kerlaft the magician was forced to leave me alone a few days to solve a most urgent personal matter. Given that I will complete my third year of apprenticeship in a few weeks, Grand Master Kerlaft felt that I would be able to manage the tower during his absence.
The first days were very calm. I didn’t receive any visit, and I was able to attend to my daily business. I took advantage of this solitude to recall with nostalgia all those wonderful moments that I had the opportunity to live since my arrival. All these nights of games, spent exploring imaginary worlds in the company of colorful characters, under the guidance of Kerlaft who took on the role of storyteller. All these adventurers from all the countries of the Old World who came here to equip themselves with jewels, potions, and all kinds of magic objects of great quality.
But the situation became out of control when I awkwardly dropped an ancient funerary urn out by cleaning the attic. Unfortunately, a monstrous lich was held in this urn, and she freed itself in a thick cloud of smoke. The lich stood between the stairs and me, I had no other choice. I jumped from the roof, and I luckily clung to the rope of the hoist. I went down to be safe in the small craft market. I’ve been watching any sign from the lich for more than an hour, but I don’t know what sort of tricks she is preparing. She remains cloistered in the tower, and this announces nothing good. I must quickly convince valiant warriors to help me. It’s essential that I get rid of this problem before the return of my master.

Extract from “Arcanic Initiations” by Jaybo Synn


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