Saint Sallaxes’ grotto

Saint Sallaxes’ grotto

5th day of the lunar cycle of Felaeh, 17th Odal;
I never cease to be astonished by the little people. The gullibility of this pastoral community is unparalleled. A few skillfully executed magic tricks were enough to fool these scoundrels into seeing me as a Messiah. I cleverly duped them into believing that I created a miraculous water source with my divine powers. In reality I used a healing spell on a young woman visibly affected by a severe illness. The poor woman was puny and palish, but totally subjugate by my eloquence. As expected, after a few days, the beauty had regained strength and vitality and offered me the delights of her flesh. The peasants believe with an incommensurable fervor in the power of the source. Thanks to the hard work of the most faithful of them, I am now comfortably installed in the cavern, which now bears the name of: The Grotto of Saint Sallaxes. I have an altar to perform some pointless ceremonies solely for the purpose of entertaining them and to increase my influence a little more. My statue stands proudly in the little chapel, where I benefit from the carnal favors of my most fervent believers. Today, I still noticed the presence of this insolent and chatty young man. I fear that people will discover the fraud, due to his accusations. I will have to go back to the road and find another peaceful and arrears community.

Excerpt from “A Life Of Debauchery” by Sallaxes the Licentious, “Traveling Mage”.


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