Valwen’s lair

Valwen’s lair

1553th Day;
What an extraordinary encounter! I was picking some mushrooms underwoods when I saw this divine creature. Her pretty brown skin looked strangely like tree bark. Her leafy clothing highlighted her slim body and feminine curves. Valwen insisted on showing me her lair in a cave not far into the forest. This is the first time I met a dryad who lives in the depth of the Earth. Upon arriving there, I was pleasantly surprised. The cavern looked more like a lush garden than the austere and damp cavities I had previously explored. I immediately noticed these little wooden beings who were busy maintaining the verdant larder, like they were the dryad’s familiars. Valwen tried to teach me the basics of creating these dolls. It’s in her workshop, on an old stump of a gigantic tree, that Valwen sculpts pieces of wood in the form of dolls before she breathes life into them. This form of magic is very powerful, but it requires the essence of human life. Valwen gave me a small vial of this essence. I don’t know how she gets this precious ingredient and it doesn’t concern me. I must admit that it’s with great sadness that I leave her charming company to resume my journey.

Excerpt from the “Fantastic Journey” by Khendash the Deceiver, “Vagabond Mage”.


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