Sometimes, getting lost brings some of the most astonishing surprises. On my last expedition, the group of scientists I guided through the twists and turns of the Serpentine River decided to wander off and chase butterflies. The area didn’t present any dangers, to my knowledge. Unfortunately, they captured the Sacred Butterfly, you know, the big one there, the mauve and white that is worth a fortune.
I spent three days before finding them in a Pygmies village. Damn aggressive guys, and not friendly. In addition they have trained poisoned butterflies to attack people.
I had to negotiate to get the scientists back.
Okay, not in one piece, and not particularly alive anymore.
But loved ones will be able to mourn.
As I told you, Mr. Inspector, we can’t know everything, can we?

Report extracted from the book “The Surreptitious Investigations of Inspector Samlor De Garnock”
Written by Rodrigo Arramon

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