The house of Solitude

The house of Solitude

“I woke up in a nice room, with soothing decoration, in warm tones. A young woman was watching over me, sitting in a corner. She stood up and welcomed me. She helped me get dressed and stand up. After my desperate escape from the cursed temple, I fell unconscious when I reached the main road. Travelers had found me and dropped me here in this healing place. It’s a large building with a straw roof. Women and men, of all ages, take care of travelers. The building forms a strange letter when it was drawn. The High Priestess showed me the secret room, at the bottom. They carefully preserve precious objects and parchments in it. I promised to never reveal anything. It was with genuine sadness that I left the House of Solitude and its benevolent care.”

Excerpt from “Journeys through Mountains and Valleys” by Aldalberon de Jen, “Archivist Cartographer”.
Written by Rodrigo Arramon : L’Effilocheur de Brumes


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