Scheflorax’s caves

Scheflorax’s caves

I don’t understand! I’ve been doing this for decades, and I’ve never had a problem. I have always succeeded in satisfying the great Scheflorax. This method has proved its worth. That is to say: I don’t even count the adventurers I’ve trapped. I use my irresistible magic charm of Hag, to alter my appearance in order to bewitch the courageous warriors who venture into the canyon. Once they are at my feet, I manipulate them to bring them to the top of the abyss, where they are fed to the Scheflorax. This gigantic carnivorous plant is insatiable, and she requires regular sacrifices. But this insolent little man, driven by his Cartesian instinct, showed extreme mistrust. He defeated all my tricks, and he managed to escape. Obviously, he was crippled and in a bad condition, but saw all. The future is uncertain, because if the existence of Scheflorax is revealed, it’s the ecosystem of these caves which will be threatened.

Excerpt from “Symbiosis” by Wendali Okollore.



























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