The Tilaetias’ cave

The Tilaetias’ cave

This ancient natural cavity which dates back thousands of years were recently discovered by the famous apothecary Skimoc Egnound. The botanical wanderings of this explorer led him at the boundaries of the Nariksun’s lands, beyond the fiery mountains, and this is there, concealed in the dark forest of Wazaket, that he made his extraordinary discovery. Not only this luxuriant cave is suitable to the development of Tilaetia, a plant with a very powerful euphoric and divinatory virtue, but it also shelters a small group of leprechauns. These little facetious beings use mischievous subterfuges to deceive the too curious travelers. The leprechauns are closely related to the ecosystem of this cavity, they cultivate the Tilaetia for their own consumption and this is probably the reason of their joviality so pronounced. Skimoc remained stunned by this meeting and it was after a long stay among his guests of choice that he decided to travel the world to narrate this feat.

But recently, all the leprechauns have almost disappeared. The cavity has become glaucous, the vegetation formerly colored has left its place to a few decaying brownish tufts. Mysterious black crystals have sprouted from the bowels of the earth, they release an odor of pestilence and spread putrefaction within the surrounding flora. The last leprechauns’ joke was obviously an error. Their last victim is none other than an evil sorcerer who has decided to take revenge. Who knows what kind of devilries he used to radically transform the place into a den of stinking insects.

You will probably have been commissioned to harvest this miraculous plant for a wealthy merchant, or you may have had the chance to meet one of those mysterious legendary creatures who will have asked you for help. Anyway beware of this damn sorcerer, It may that he’s still be around there and in view of his latest prowess I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.


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