The cave of sacrifices


The cave of sacrifices

This great cavern sinks into the depths of the earth. For a long time, the natives used bandits as food for the Glarb, a sprawling, monstrous creature. The huge well used for the sacrifices is at the entrance of the cave. Intrigued and bewitched by a local poem, it was absolutely necessary that I see the legendary Glarb with my own eyes. I was able to explore this cave infested by giant spiders, and admire this monstrosity behind an invisibility spell.

Excerpt from the “Fantastic Journey” by Khendash the Deceiver, “Vagabond Mage”.




“Hidden in the shadows for a thousand years,
The monstrous Glarb patiently awaits.
Motionless, preying on greedy travellers,
Her dark lair is but a decoy.
One could perceive her crimped with gems;
It is but an villainous scheme.
Instead of rubies and diamonds,
Only her deadly teets shine.
Beware, oh travellers,
Her tentacles will snatch you.
In her gaping maw, inexorably,
Alive, you will be digested.
For since a thousand years,
The monstrous Glarb patiently awaits.”

Ode to Glarb by Sirpë Ráma






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