Slakus’ toll

Slakus’ toll

Humans are stupid! The pass of Cold-Sickle has been part of our migration route for four millennia, and these hideous giants have had the good idea to build one of their buildings! Now a large wooden palisade stands in our way! Our scouts’ reports leave us perplexed: their own kind can’t pass and have to wait until the doors open! It seems that sometimes the human in charge of the opening no longer knows how to go about it, and the travellers are forced to backtrack on their way! Our elder assumed that they voluntarily barred the passage. It seems to me inconceivable that one would thus prevent his fellows from coming and going as they pleased. Finally, as our young Queen rightly points out, what can one hope of a species that raises buildings that reach the clouds to then cast them down with catapulted stones. Unfortunately our people are decimated, our territories are scattered and fragmented since these two-legged giants colonized the smallest piece of land. Our young Queen says that we need only be patient, given their tendency to self-extermination, they will all have disappeared in a century. Let us hope that this is true, because our small people will not forever survive them.

Excerpt from the lost memories of the small people.
Written by Sirpë Ráma




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