Shrine of the Toad


shrine of the Toad

Continuing my way to the North and disappointed by the reception in the last village I had visited, I was surprised to see my porters running away shouting “Yoularki! Yoularki!”, when I decided to take a small meandering path down a forest valley. Fortunately, they left me the donkey. I loaded the essentials, namely boxes of parchments and ink, pens, books, and also some less useful things like food, something to drink, and clothes. At the end of the path, I discovered a large clearing hidden from the top of the valley. A half-ruined rampart demarcated a circle made of an imposing block carved frome a stone that I didn’t know. On the other hand, if there is something I can recognize, it’s indeed the strange signs of bloodthirsty cults. Strange traces on the ground, like circled stars, definitely marked the key points which, once activated, had to invoke the monster whose frightful sculpture was enthroned in the middle of the esoteric circle. My courage failing me, I fled, without asking for my rest, preceded by the donkey.

Excerpt from “Journeys through Mountains and Valleys” by Aldalberon de Jen, “Archivist Cartographer”.
Text written by Rodrigo Arramon : L’Effilocheur de Brumes


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