Pre-pulled characters for Brigandyne Vol. 01

I think it’s no surprise to anyone if I tell you that I’m a big Birgandyne fan. A simple and effective system to play Dark fantastic medieval games. I hadn’t produced anything for Brigandyne for a while so I got motivated. This time it’s some pre-pulled characters. I had fun making a PDF with the PCs of a Warhammer scenario that I had adapted to Brigandyne for my personal needs. This time it’s not a 100% homemade creation. I simply adapted the remarkable work of authors/content creators for Warhammer’s role-playing game.

This characters group comes from the scenario: Return to the Grovod Forest, by the master Alfred Nuñez Jr. I invite you to browse his superb blog: I think I can safely say that it’s a true bible for Warhammer role-playing game.

The French translation was done by “Capitaine Bug”. You can find the scenario in French on the SDEN website:

As Brigandyne haven’t been translated yet, I haven’t made an English file. But who knows, let’s see what will happen.

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