Brigandyne RPG Creatures Sheet

Good morning to all. We continue with a game aid for Brigandine, Mr. Tornade’s very good role-playing game system.
Today I have the pleasure to offer you a creatures sheet entirely handmade.

I decided to add a frame at the top right to simplify the organization of the creatures sheets by theme. Each sheet contains 9 blank lines for your creations.
At first, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t put more lines, but after creating some themed lists and playing with them, I think it’s more than enough.


Feuilles de creatures pour brigandyneBrigandyne creatures sheet

Download link PDF Brigandyne Creatures Sheet


If you do not know this little jewels of RPG yet, I advise you to have a look on the official blog without delay:
For now Brigandyne is only available in French but my malicious elf has tells me gossip, and I can tell you that the author could be interested by some good translator offer.

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