One page dungeon – The Black Rose

Hi gamers;
This is my latest creation, a One Page Dungeon perfect to introduce a new Pc or NPC in a campaign. Obviously this little scenario can easily be inserted into a sandbox or be played in One Shot.

The black Rose
The brothel of the black Rose offers special services, it houses actually the Stramonuim’s lineage. Succubi, who use since time immemorial, this activity for sacrifices and demonic ritual with several men came to succumb to the delights of the flesh. Recently, the matriarch Arahlta just finished developing a powerful ritual, it will allow it to tap into the demonic forces to turn into Major Demon. To accomplish its ritual Arahlta needs twelve victims, they must be sacrificed a black moon night. One evening in a nearby tavern, the succubi notice a group of adventurers heavily drunk, dressed like courtesans they approach them for drugs …


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