Merutom’s grotto

Merutom’s grotto

Since I was small, these mysterious creatures always fill my dreams. My dearest wish was to one day ride one of them. I know all the legends about these magnificent animals, like by touching their horns would bring happiness. It’s even said that they fulfill the wishes of anyone who understands their language. I spent my life searching for them. My perseverance was rewarded when at last I found their trail in a dense, impenetrable wood. The forest led into a cavern, its entrances camouflaged by cascades of pink and silver ivy.
That’s where I saw them. I was surprised to discover that these secretive creatures travel in herds! They exceeded all I could imagine: their mother‑of‑pearl spiral, their golden skin gleaming gently in the darkness of the cave, and their exceptional size – they are taller than I am! They came to graze on strange, shimmering plants that changed color every time one of their leaves disappeared. I took great care to not frighten them, but it was difficult. I’m still amazed at the ease with which I could approach them, touch them and mount them! Yes, I’m proud to claim that I’m the first mortal to ever have ridden a snail.

Reveries of a Gnome by Gimus Petitbois.
Written by Sirpë Ráma




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