Melok’s temple

















Melok’s temple

1437th Day;
The temple is located in the small isolated village of Logald. Its architecture was fascinating, but it had been smashed shortly before my arrival. The villagers had just realized that they were being manipulated by the local lord. Baron Duzar had fabricated, from scratch, the Melok god in order to facilitate their enslavement! The baron was hanged, and the villagers destroyed all the symbols of the false god, even going so far as to demolish the basements of the edifice! I still remember the huge party given to celebrate their new freedom. Two years have passed since my last visit, and here I am again in this charming hamlet. Various cults have sprung up, but the villagers seem happy with this polytheism. One of the guards told me that he had recently uncovered small galleries concealed in the ruins of the temple. Some fanatics haven’t lost their faith in their former God. They have set up new rooms under the ruined building to practice occult rituals aimed at the infidels of the village.

Excerpt from the “Fantastic Journey” by Khendash the Deceiver, “Vagabond Mage”.


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