23rd day of Gundir, year 64 of the Chaeldeen calendar;
I came from the north to the Drunk’n Griff’n inn. Dusk had fallen and the lights of distant fires revealed the piles of wood stacked up for the winter and marked the presence of the inn.
I left the circle of stones on my right and hurried along with dreams of a warm meal and a cozy bed.
Exhausted by the long journey, I pushed the door open and fell into a chair while gesturing at the young waitress for drinks; the beer was fresh and good.
It was then that I felt the time had come to end my journey; for the the adventurer in me to hang his sword on the wall, to arm himself with a fork and a pickaxe, and turn his battles into stories to be told around the fire in the evening.

Excerpt from “Journal of an Old Adventurer” by Yolric Brèvevoie.
Texte written by Yolbi (Théodore)


This map was commissioned by BrutalRPG, a free and great indie Rpg

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