Klof Drudistein’s mausoleum

Here is the map of the Day 2 of the #mapvember challenge

Klof Drudistein’s mausoleum

1st moon of Turan, 423 PK;
I easily found the tomb of the vampire Klof Drudistein, located in a small clearing, a few miles from the village, as the priest had told me. This blood sucker must be damn old, based on the condition of the building. I explored the little crypt, but it seems Klof was afraid of the legendary dwarf in a kilt, because I found only an empty coffin and some tombs already looted. All joking aside, this isn’t a good sign. Where could this vermin hide? I hate having to track down these monsters, but I haven’t the choice if I want to get the gold that was promised to me.
Excerpt from “A Journey Like No Other” by Mycki McFisher, “Trolls Slayer”.




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