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Another map commissioned by BrutalRPG, a free indie Medieval Fantasy Rpg.



42nd day of Gundir, year 64 of the Chaeldeen calendar;
After passing through the Drunk’n Griff’n Inn, I had the opportunity to stroll around the area and look for any place where I could finally settle down. But, these days, who needs a decrepit, old adventurer in a little village? He’s only another useless mouth to feed.
While passing through a small hamlet nestled between verdant hills, I met an old woman fixing a cart on her doorstep who pointed the way to a village where I would be welcomed. She invited me to stay, and, after spending the night there, I resumed my travels with a lighter heart, each step bringing me toward a retirement looming closer and closer.

Excerpt from “Journal of an Old Adventurer” by Yolric Brèvevoie.
Texte written by Yolbi (Théodore)

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