Bregrom’s tower

Bregrom’s tower

I think it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. A swarm of enormous insects suddenly took off from a nearby clearing. Like a big, black cloud, the swarm headed straight towards the top of the tower. As it came closer, the whirring became unnerving! Out of fear, I jumped into the stairs to take shelter. Then the swarm went away and the calm returned.
Anyway, the tower of Bregrom is as magnificent as people describe it. I could admire the green valleys and draw some landscapes, including this splendid waterfall stuck between the walls of a narrow canyon. I tried to question the natives about this strange swarm, but I feel they don’t tell me the whole story. Tomorrow, I have to explore this clearing to try to find out more.

Excerpt from “Architecture of the Old World” by Ocreoth Motbar, “Nomad Cartographer”.


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