Beastmen’s den



Beastmen’s den

Report No. 433
Dear colleagues,
This quick letter is to inform you that, alas, I couldn’t carry out my mission here. My contract was very unclear about the layout of the various traps and possible entries – impossible, I should write. I had tried a classic approach, by the sewers, which I thought had to empty themselves into the lake nearby. But no! They have no sewers! There is, in the end, only one entry. I had to hide in a barrel to gain entry to the veritable vault set within a mountain. What can I say? I found myself in the kitchens and, when night came, despite my knowledge I could only note that those who live there know that the place is impregnable. I still managed to quickly draw a sketch of the various parts. The function of some are easy to guess, while the others aren’t. I hope our sponsor will find this plan useful. For my part, I will try to make myself scarce for a while because I think someone is following me.

Scroll of the spies guild archives.
Written by Rodrigo Arramon



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