Arana’s tower

Arana’s tower

Fifty years ago, before the wild horde of barbarian orcs destroyed everything in their path, the tower of Arana was a flourishing Druidic school. The most noteworthy massacre was that of the druid Arana and his disciples. The battle raged, and the druid used his power to turn into an enormous bear. He shredded dozens of orcs before yielding beneath their numbers. The disciples in the tower used nature’s power to fight back with a spell that called down a rain of stones. They decimated fifty orcs but in the process seriously damaged the building. The mass of green skins inevitable gained the upper hand, and the savages repasted on of the human corpses in a great feast, before leaving again to destroy the next building on their way. Ever since, the tower seems haunted, and the locals say that sometimes there are still screams echo from the structure. Even the few braves souls who dared to visit the ruin tell that the place is still inhabited.


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