1685th Day;
My last informant hadn’t lied; the village of Aldëgobi is worth the detour. Protected behind a high wooden palisade, the small hamlet was built around a mound of earth. The small community that lives in this enclosure is peaceful. They worship Kaouck, a divinity that was unknown to me until today. Kaouck would be the god of life, benevolence, and happiness. I was lucky enough to attend one of their amazing ceremonies. The villagers built a strange monument, a sphere of red crystal set atop a pyramid of stone. The whole rests on a large round slab surrounded by seven triangular columns. The ritual dances were magnificent. Their aim was to demand the help of the great Kaouck, because a strange infection affects the inhabitants of the village. The disease began with the animals and now it’s touch can spread to men. It causes a violent eruption of purulent pimples, and a high fever. An old lady was anxious to show me her young son affected by this infection. I have, as usual, found a good excuse not to accompany her and I took the opportunity to quickly leave this contaminated village.

Excerpt from the “Fantastic Journey” by Khendash the Deceiver, “Vagabond Mage”.

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