XC-K3’s temple

XC-K3’s temple

A long time ago, in a distant secluded valley, a space capsule containing a droid crashed after a dimensional travel failure. The robot, XC-K3, was lost and disoriented when it met the Druwai. They were small, furry creatures living in the village of Nundan, located not far from the crash. This primitive and jovial people vowed to worship this Metal God for many generations. The Druwai dug a temple into the side of the mountain in the image of the droid. The building serves as a place of worship and shrine to all heads of the tribe. One day, XC-K3 ceased functioning from lack of energy; the Druwai faithfully and secretly preserved his body in the space capsule within the temple.
Grieldil, a former Archmage whose status was revoked due to his cruelty and lust for power, heard of the legend of the Metal God. After several years of fruitless research and expeditions, Grieldil finally managed to locate the village of Nundan. He got his hands on the metallic creature and since then has sought by all means to bring it back to life.
Recently, a rumor spread among the Archmages: Grieldil is about to succeed in the resuscitation. Knowledge of the Metal God intrigues many among the order of Magicians. The tranquility of the village will be troubled soon, because many of them will do anything to obtain this strange creature….




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