The Tomb of the Frenalderah

I hope that this unbearable pedant of Tasbar will not realize the deception too early. I had to do a job for him, in order to reimburse the stuff I had stolen from him. Tasbar required that I bring back to him a legendary sleeping stick hidden in the tomb of the Frenalderah. However, I succeeded in persuading him that the value of this task didn’t equal the value of my larceny. As a result, I was entitled to a comfortable advance in gold coin to cover the travel expenses. It sent chills up my spine to ear the description of the tomb of the Frenalderah, sheltering the spoils of the six virgins who gave birth to this line of vampire exclusively feminine. I preferred to convince a peasant to go and fetch me the stick for a remuneration of one gold coin, but this bugger returned empty-handed and terrorized. I understood by listening to his story about evil shadows and cries of lamentation that the negotiated reward with Tasbar wouldn’t be equal to the danger. I made a rather convincing replica of the sleep stick and I enchanted it with a rudimentary spell that will put any person who seizes it to sleep. I think that should be enough to fool Tasbar the time I disappear. I sent the stick by stagecoach, and I jumped into a boat with the remaining gold to continue my journey through the Old World.

Extract from “Opportunistic vagrancy” by Rhiel Laveine
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