Modular Dungeon #01

modular dungeon #01 book coverHey!
I know some of you were waiting it. So I’m proud to announce you it’s now available.
I had this crazy idea some time ago. I wanted to draw a modular dungeon made with a multitude of levels by remembering the many hours spent playing to a very famous Hack and Slash. I’m sure you remember it, Diablo and his infinite dungeon.
This book contains 40 levels to create your own dungeon. There is absolutely nothing exclusive in this PDF, all plans can be grabbed on The only purpose of this book is to group the levels collection in order to facilitate its use.
You can buy a PDF version on DriveThruRpg, or a Print version on Lulu.
 Buy this book on Lulu.               Buy this PDF on DriveThruRPG.

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